Opel Considers Relocating Part of Its Operations From Germany to Morocco

Stellantis has expressed interest in removing operations from two plants currently employed by Opel and is already looking to expand into Morocco’s market. The multinational automotive manufacturing company and Morocco already signed a new amendment agreement to boost cooperation to develop the automotive sector in September.

The agreement also seeks to launch a 100% electric vehicle and to enhance the volume of purchases in Morocco to an estimated value of €2.5 billion (MAD 26 billion).

Morocco and Stellantis aim to increase its value to €3 billion (MAD 31.5 billion) by 2025. The agreement is also expected to generate 3,000 high-level jobs by 2022 for engineers and technicians. And in August, Stellantis unveiled plans to produce the new Opel Rocks (e-electric car) in Morocco.

Morocco’s automotive sector gained attraction from international companies, operating in free zone hubs across the country. Car sales in Morocco exceeded 160,000 units this year, generating nearly 22,000 direct jobs in the auto industry leading Morocco to retain its position as Africa’s leading passenger car manufacturer, surpassing South Africa.

Source: Morocco World News


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