When Should You Replace the Brake Discs?

Brakes are one of the most important safety elements in a vehicle, and damage to it may lead to many serious problems. However, in order to know the signs of brake disc wear, bear in mind the following factors:

1- The way you drive the car and the number of times you step on the brakes, whether due to speed or gravity when driving in mountainous areas or off-road.

2- If you are among those who put extra weights in the car periodically or daily, the brake damage may be faster.

3- The quality of the brakes: The duration of brake wear varies due to the difference in its components. Some of the brakes are made of organic materials and other mixtures of metals and other ceramics.                          Always make sure to use original brake parts or approved brands.

Among the signs of damage to the disks, a vibration or shiver appears in the steering wheel when a brake is applied, which is due to the fact that the surface of the disks remains uneven and is corroded.

The second sign is that the brake force is weak, because the disks are less than the permissible limit, and in this case the car must be examined because the surface of the disks will be eroded evenly and no sign of driving will appear.

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