How to choose the right oil for your motor.

The process of changing the engine oil of the car is one of the most important maintenance operations that are mainly responsible for the general performance of the car and extending the life of its engine, and maintaining the degree of its efficiency at a distinctive level over the years.

Therefore, you must make sure to use the appropriate oil for your vehicle by doing the following:

1- First, refer to the owner manual for choosing the appropriate specification and viscosity for your engine type.

2- Make sure that the oil you are using is of high quality and that it complies with international standards,
whether API (American Petroleum Institute) / ACEA (European Union Standards) / JASO (Japanese Standards) / SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) through the data written on the oil package.

3- Check compliance with OEM approvals. For example, one of the OEM standards in Opel is that the oil is certified DEXOS 1 or 2, and it is clearly written.

4- The engine condition and the age of the car, especially in new cars, it is necessary to refer to the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.

Choose the right oil for your car and keep changing it regularly so that your engine is always in a good condition. If you want to get an idea about the prices of suitable oils for Opel cars, check the following link


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