What are the types of spare parts in the market.

The biggest headache to owning a vehicle is the realization that with usage, parts wear away and require replacement. Acquiring new parts is full of risks. Among the challenges are being conned, buying wrong parts, and receiving inferior quality parts, to name only a few of the troubles you may go through. Whoever you approach for assistance, you at least need some basic understanding about the different types of auto parts in the marketplace.

Types of Spare Parts Available in the market:
(1) Genuine Parts
(2) Aftermarket or OEM Parts
(3) Counterfeit Parts

Genuine spare parts: Spare parts that the car manufacturer puts his trademark on. As there is no car manufacturer that manufactures all the parts, but rather uses other companies specializing in the manufacture of many spare parts. And the car manufacturer sells it to its agents and distributors, and it is of course safe to use and the car manufacturer is obligated to guarantee these parts for periods of time or driving distances depending on the type of part and its use, for example maintenance spare parts have no guarantee like the rest of the mechanical parts of the car. An example of these manufacturers is MOPAR, GM, and MOBIS

Aftermarket spare parts: Spare parts made by companies that supply them to the car manufacturer or have a license to manufacture them, but do not carry the brand of the car manufacturer, but bear the trademark of the manufacturer, which you may find often on the original parts next to the brand of the car manufacturer For example, air, oil and fuel filters, brake pads, shock absorbers, engine belts, and sometimes the transmission, or internal engine parts such as pistons and other parts. Examples of these companies are HENGST, BOSCH, SIEMENS, NGK, GATES, MAHLE,

Counterfeit spare parts: Spare parts that are not licensed by the car manufacturer and do not conform to the specifications of the engineered manufacturer, but you find most of them are wrapped in fake covers and sometimes they are sold at the same price as the original or aftermarket parts in order to mislead the buyer. These parts may cause malfunctions that may reach accidents or Damage to the vehicle in the simplest case.

Therefore, you should choose a professional dealer or store to buy original or aftermarket spare parts guaranteed to avoid losses or accidents.

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